About Us

Our goal is to help Brazilians to feed, clothe and care for homeless and needy children and their families in Brazil.  This goal is accomplished because of the work of wonderful Brazilian missionaries like Esdras and Christina .


Of course, the physical need is only part of the solution. We have experienced God’s love in amazing ways in our lives and sharing that hope with these children is crucial. People all over the U.S. have joined in this effort, making a huge impact on the lives of children in Brazil.


MAD Ministries Profit and Loss Jan-Dec 2022

MAD Ministries Balance Sheet Jan-Dec 2022


Community Centers

MAD is making a difference with the children in Brazil through community centers. Local workers spend time with each child and know them well. Each child knows that they are loved.

Trash Dump Ministry

MAD supports the children who have nothing through a trash dump ministry. While these children no longer live in the trash dump, there is pressure for them to spend their days there trying to find something to eat or to sell.

In their own words

There is nothing more exciting than to hear the appreciation of those whom you are helping. MAD/FAD is making a difference and they appreciate it.

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