Making a Difference

One Child at a time...

What does it mean to sponsor a child?

The monthly income provided by our sponsors is the primary source of revenue that we use to operate our community center in Brazil. Because all of the operations in the US are performed by volunteers, and these volunteers also contribute the funds for any costs incurred in the US, 100% of your sponsorship contribution goes to the operations in Brazil. The cost to sponsor a child in Brazil is $50 per month. Please note that we want everyone to be able to participate in this ministry, so if that amount would be a strain on your finances, please contact us and we will set you up on a shared sponsorship where each of the shared sponsors contributes $25 per month.


At our community center in Brazil, all of the children who are in the program can participate whether they have a sponsor yet or not. The money does not go to the child, but to the general budget that is used for all of the children and all of the operations. This money is used to pay for the operation of the center, payroll for staff members, and meals for the children. You, as a sponsor will receive updates on your sponsored child and the ministry in general. You will receive occasional letters from the child that you are connected to and you are able to communicate to your sponsored child as well. (For the safety of the children, all communications must go through our organization.) MAD Ministry encourages it’s volunteers, sponsors, donors, and employees to become emotionally and spiritually vested in this ministry. We realize that giving is a two-way street and that love flows both directions providing incredible blessings to the givers.

Who is MAD Ministry

MAD ministry is making a difference in Brazil one child at a time. MAD exists to come alongside at-risk children, youth, and families in Brazil to provide the resources to assist them in breaking the cycle of spiritual, emotional and physical poverty and empower them to become all that God created them to become.

We have two community centers in Brazil in which we minister. The community centers provide food, clothing, safety, supplemental education and spiritual growth for children and youth. MAD continues to partner with these children as they become teenagers and young adults to mentor them on their mental and spiritual growth. MAD strives to create opportunities for further education and training to bring these youth into adulthood in a manner that will help them break the cycle of poverty.



Words of thanks for your caring… 

FAD is everything good, it is a place to learn what love is.  I love to come to FAD.  Thank you for everything… I met God at FAD.  I am thankful for the leaders and praise God for Cris and Esdras giving their time for us. 

We never had a father growing up.  I don’t even know my father because he left when I was very young.  It is hard to grow up without the love and support of a father. FAD is my 2nd home.  Cris and Esdras are like my parents.  I am so grateful for them.

The Americans mean a lot to me because they have traveled far to show me love.  Thank you.

— Camila

All the good things I have learned and will learn.  I thank God every day for FAD.  I never imagined I would learn to speak English.  I met Jesus at FAD.  My family are not believers.  FAD is my 2nd family. 


FAD is my 2nd family.  I have support from my friends and the FAD leaders.  I am thankful.  God bless you for making it possible.

— Isabel

Community Centers

MAD is making a difference with the children in Brazil through community centers. Local workers spend time with each child and know them well. Each child knows that they are loved.

In their own words

There is nothing more exciting than to hear the appreciation of those whom you are helping. MAD/FAD is making a difference and they appreciate it.

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